Technology has the potential to radically expand Bible access

We are a team of innovators, tech nerds and communicators working to make sure that happens. And we are looking for team members and partners to multiply our impact.

Making the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message.

American Bible Society

Why + What

We know the Bible has the power to bring healing, hope, peace and meaning to people and communities around the world. But only if they can access it.

That’s why our Digital Bible Lab team celebrates imagination, embraces partners, and leverages cutting edge technology to build products that work toward one goal: to break down barriers – including language, access points and accessible formats – that separate people from Scripture.


Here's what we're building now:

Digital Bible Library

In partnership with United Bible Societies, we're building the world's largest repository of Scripture and Scripture content in text, audio, video, sign language and braille. It serves as the engine that safeguards and delivers the Bible to digital spaces serving hundreds of millions of people, including users of YouVersion’s Bible app.

Inbox user interface


We built this tool to make it seamless for ministries, church and app developers to facilitate Bible engagement in their own online spaces. Whether it’s a local congregation collectively participating in a Scripture-based Lent devotional or a Scripture app reaching Bible-curious audiences, the church is more empowered than ever to share Scripture.



One-third of the thousands of languages waiting for Scripture translation are expected to need oral (audio) Bible translation. We built this tool, which is currently being piloted by 100 translations globally, to produce a direct audio Bible translation process. We believe AVTT has the potential to unleash access to Scripture for millions of people.



Global.Bible, a site that provides the full, searchable Bible in 1,000+ languages, enables churches and organizations to include the Bible on their website with unified formatting and verified translations. This has resulted in tools such as custom, language-specific Bible reading and listening apps that specifically serve smaller language communities.



Our Team

We are a small, agile team that relishes creativity and thrives when using our expertise in technology to overcome complex challenges for a sacred mission: making the Bible accessible to every person.

We embrace collaboration, and value the insights, perspective and skills each person brings. We’d love it if you considered joining us. We will throw a virtual party when you do.

Our Leadership

  • Bryce Allison

    Executive Director

    Bryce's career sits at the intersection of technology, linguistics, and biblical studies. Over a cup of locally roasted coffee, he will animatedly chat about everything from software architecture and elegant code to lean product management and agile processes. But what really motivates him isn’t technology for its own sake: After spending three years living in Israel and studying Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, Bryce was inspired to apply his background in programming and well tested code to the sacred cause of Scripture translation.

    In his core, Bryce believes the application of cutting edge technology–including serverless computing, AI, ML, and Web3–will accelerate the mission to expand Bible access to more people. He has seen that happen as he’s led the API.Bible and Global.Bible projects, and he is passionate about bringing creative, passionate people together around whiteboards (real or virtual) to continue innovating to further that mission.

  • John Mark Mitchell

    Director of Global Research and Development

    John Mark is passionate about new ideas and building an operating environment where the cost of failure is lowered so that ideas can be rapidly tested in pursuing focused innovation. He enjoys building teams that develop products that help people around the globe engage with the Bible in a language and format that speak to their hearts. Before joining American Bible Society, he worked in the venture capital industry and helped start several venture-backed software companies in the commerce, financial services, and national security industries.

    When not in front of his computer, you might find John Mark in his woodshop creating a metric tonne of sawdust or planning a backpacking trip to someplace he has yet to visit.

The Digital Bible Lab is an initiative of American Bible Society that fosters digital innovation to expand Scripture access and engagement. It deeply values collaboration with partners, including the Every Tribe Every Nation collective impact alliance, understanding that true, transformative impact only happens when we work together.

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